Can luxury holidays be affordable?

If we were given less than 30 seconds to describe what the holiday of our life would be like, everyone (or nearly everyone) would use words like: rest, leisure, fun, relaxation, disconnection, service and luxury… a lot of luxury. Good luxury, the kind that means “don’t worry about anything because your hotel or tour operator takes care of that for you”. Yes, we know… we’d all like to travel like that.

Contrary to what you might think at first when talking about a luxury-filled holiday, it doesn’t have to be an expensive experience if your destination is the island of Mallorca. Along with Ibiza and Formentera it’s seen as something like a Spanish version of the Caribbean. The largest of the Balearic islands is a place where you can enjoy luxurious, unique and exclusive experiences at reasonable prices. Would you like to treat yourself to a couple of days on the island, and try some of these luxury experiences? Take note of these three:

Exploring unique seabeds around the world.

Experts say that along with the Caribbean seabeds, the Mediterranean (specifically those around the Balearic Islands) are the most beautiful, interesting and rich seabeds in the world. Celestial, crystalline and brightly-coloured seabeds to visit (diving or snorkelling), where you can discover unique and beautiful native species and nooks and crannies that look like they’re straight out of a fairytale.

Unsurprisingly this means that there are almost fifty different diving centres on Mallorca, offering guided diving tours and good prices. The reward? You better come and see it for yourself!

Sailing the Mediterranean waves

Whether you’re a skipper or someone who’s never been on a sailboat… To enjoy a luxury holiday on Mallorca a trip on a sailboat is a must, discovering coves and the most beautiful, outstanding coastal landscape of this island.

If you don’t feel like improvising and prefer to do it right from the beginning, choose a charter with a skipper and make sure you mark these places out for technical stops: the bay of Palma (especially the Cala Blava area), the beach Es Trenc and the area Calas de Mallorca. Beautiful, truly beautiful.

Hotels with maximum luxury

Even if Mallorca features hotels of all kinds, catering to all types of travellers, the truth is that the passion for luxury and taste for “not having to worry about a single thing” has dramatically increased the number of bookings for hotels such as Playa Garden Selection Hotel Spa and Cala Millor Garden Hotel, two gems provided by the hotel chain Garden Hotels that manage to attract travellers thanks to value for money and many high-quality services.



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