Santa Eularia des Riu, a place full of legends

They say that it is one thing to get to know Ibiza from the capital and another very different thing is to do it from Santa Eulària des Riu, the capital of the north of the island and a place known for its authenticity, for its tranquility and its commitment to family tourism and relaxation.

Located about 20 minutes by car from the capital (Eivissa), Santa Eulària is much more than just family tourism. It is the only city in the Balearic Islands that has its own river; a river full of legends for young and old and unique paths for walks that are ideal for those who have chosen the option of staying in hotels like IBEROSTAR Santa Eulalia, a hotel in Santa Eulalia full of services and luxuries for a memorable stay.

Leaving aside the luxuries of our hotel rooms in Santa Eulalia, this locality makes sense when you know it from the inside and when you inquire into its history. What are the places that you mustn’t miss on your few days off? This month we highlight some.

Ibiza faro

The Puig de Missa, a must see

In the highest area of Santa Eulària des Riu is one of the most beautiful spots on the whole island of Ibiza: the well-known Puig de Missa. A very small (but highly recommended) urban center full of white houses famous for its breath-taking view..

At a height of more than fifty meters, this area is famous for its church, a fortified creation dating from the sixteenth century and definitely a gem to discover on the white island.

Your beach and promenade

Quiet, full of fishing boats and with a light that can only be found on the island, the beach of Santa Eulària des Riu is one of those places to spend time, whether running, to snacking or enjoying the peace looking out at the sea. Its promenade, full of terraces and Mediterranean pines, is the ideal place to treat yourself to a gourmet session with the 100% Balearic stamp.

The route of the bridges

At the beginning we told you that Santa Eulària des Riu is a place of legends and mythological stories, stories that start from its river and extend for its whole course, which can be covered on foot in a matter of 2 or 3 hours.

According to the legend that passes from parents to children, it was the very devil who built the old bridge that crosses the river. A bridge where it is said there grows a type of grass that lasts only for a few seconds but if caught it allows you to see a ‘familiar’, a type of gnome capable of performing ancient works such as creating the walls that cover Dalt Vila.



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