Why you should choose a city hotel for your next holiday in Madrid

The month of December arrives, you begin to feel the first ravages of stress and you decide – without giving it too much thought- that a mini escape to Madrid would be a perfect way to end the year. Regardless that Madrid is perfect for enjoying a few shopping days, some days of gourmet food or a few evenings of museums, the capital has a “but” that is none other than its size. The capital is big … Very big.

Put another way: going to Madrid for a weekend and attempting to see the city from end to end is practically impossible. However we can get it right simply by working out our priorities and our “must sees” and carefully studying the accommodation where we intend to stay.

The best option for those who want to know in depth the most chic and exclusive parts of Madrid is to ignore large hotels and opt for an urban hotel.

Gran vía Madrid

A personalized service

One of the advantages of urban hotels is that their staff truly know the needs of each type of customer. Two good examples of this personalized treatment are the Petit Palace Madrid Aeropuerto and the Petit Palace Arturo Soria Hotel, two exclusive, charming hotels located a short distance from Barajas Airport, whose target market is the executive customers who visit the city.

Also these two urban hotels, in addition to their basic services, offer free transport to places such as IFEMA or the airport itself so that clients don’t need to worry about getting from A to B or have to catch a taxi at rush hour.

Much more than a good location

Although it is normal to think that the main advantage of an urban hotel lies in its location (something that those who choose urban hotels like the Petit Palace Puerta del Sol Hotel don’t doubt), but he truth is that a hotel with charm has a lot of other advantages ranging from family rooms for four and five people to free MiFi which guarantees Internet connection wherever you are in the city at no extra cost for guests.

As if this were not enough, the vast majority of these hotels offer a free bike rental service and continental breakfasts without end and without cost.



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