Petit Palace, a route through the most beautiful hotels in Madrid

Madrid is stately, it is pure history and is a place that has everything for absolutely everyone: leisure entertainment, places to play sports at every level, cultural charm of the highest order, gourmet food, fashion and a long (very long) etcetera.

Although staying at home with family and friends is a very respectable option, in our blog Hotels and Luxury Resorts we like to recommend the best to you. Well, what is the best in Madrid speaking in terms of accommodation? Our writing this month has made it very clear: the charming ‘boutique’ hotels.

Cozy, with exclusive services and with an unbeatable location, the charming ‘boutique’ hotels are the best choice for all those who want to know the capital inside out, from its heart. And, beyond the accommodation itself, many of these hotels are structures full of history that could fit perfectly into the architectural heritage of the city.

Since we would need a thousand word article to do justice to the different hotel chains that have concentrated on establishments with charm, this month we have taken a leap in recommending to you one of our favorite brands for their quality and know-how: Petit Palace.

Discover Serrano from your hotel


As we said a few lines previously, their prime location is one of the main points in favor of ‘boutique’ hotels with charm. A plus that perfectly reflects the Petit Palace Embassy Serrano hotel, one of the most exclusive in the capital.

Located in one of Madrid’s most exclusive neighborhoods of (the legendary Barrio de Salamanca), it is much more than a hotel; it is a true temple of relaxation. And there is nothing better than this location for enjoying the marvels of the walks along Serrano Street (with its numerous very exclusive shops) or spending leisure time in its parks and gardens.

From the hand of King Alfonso XII

The Hotel Petit Palace Savoy Alfonso XII is the perfect choice for those looking for romantic accommodation next to the area of the Parque del Retiro. A hotel that has an old mansion as its base, dating from the mid-nineteenth century, offering the perfect location and everything you need for a few relaxing days: WiFi, a computer in your room, an iPhone for clients, etc.

Next to Phoenix Avenue

Our latest recommendation of charming ‘boutique’ hotels in Madrid is the Petit Palace Alcalá Torre, a hotel located in the heart of the city. Taking as its base what was once the city’s first skyscraper, today it’s a stately hotel with a thousand and one services for its customers.



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