Keys to enjoy the autumn in Mallorca

The island of Mallorca is one of those places that changes with the arrival of autumn. With a blue sky that still prevails when temperatures are lower and landscapes that look more beautiful than ever, the Balearic island is an ideal place for lovers of scenic tourism and quiet, destinations which are not overcrowded.

While visiting Mallorca in autumn is already a wise move, we can’t forget that on the island there are tours, flavors and sensations which must be experienced in order to enjoy this natural calm and to take home the best memories. These are our five keys to enjoying our stay in Majorca.

Choose your accommodation well

Superior Room in Son Julia Boutique Hotel in Mallorca
Superior Room in Son Julia Boutique Hotel in Mallorca

Finding accommodation far from large urban centers is the main key to enjoying restful days of calm tranquility. Although there are hotels of very good quality and beauty in which to enjoy the rest, there is nothing better than looking at offers from the boutique hotel in Mallorca and other options such as the Son Julia Country House Hotel. A charming hotel surrounded by the island’s unspoilt natural landscape. What is the best thing? The sensation of silence and peace that characterizes the whole place.

Look for the most authentic restaurants

Although the gourmet Restaurante Las Bovedas from the boutique hotel Son Juliá is perfect, Mallorca has so many restaurants that are temples of taste. Since the island cuisine is gaining strength in these first months of cold, we should not lose sight of the option of taking a gastronomic tour of the most outstanding restaurants in Mallorca. Which are the most relevant? The restaurant Santi Taura (Lloseta), the Marea Restaurant or the legendary Can Pedro de Genoa where you can eat the best snails on the island.

Enjoy the Tramuntana paths

With an especially intense green and places more vivid than ever (thanks to those first rains), the Tramuntana is one of those places that looks different with the arrival of the new season. To enjoy the experience there is nothing better than to join the hiking in the Serra and choosing to stop at places as nice as Fornalutx or Deia.

Alternative ideas for Mallorca
For those who already know Mallorca, the key to enjoying a few perfect days on the island lies in going for alternative plans (many of which are not listed in the guidebooks). Climbing up to the Monastery of Lluc, visiting Gorg Blau or the Astronomical Observatory of Costitx (in the heart of the island) are just a few ideas.



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