Barcelona and Madrid, the favorite for lovers of short getaways

When time races by, when mountains of accumulated paperwork mount up on the table, when the phone keeps ringing and when we need (more than ever) to breathe, take time to reset your routine, to seek relaxation and to enjoy switching- off. While it is easy to give advice like this, with the end of the holidays and autumn knocking at the door, the truth is that putting it into practice can be complicated unless we settle on the star choice: treat yourself to a whirlwind trip of two or three days.

With the percentage number of beach days at maximum and the slight drop in temperature that characterizes September’s recent arrival, there is nothing better than to opt for inland destinations such as Madrid or the always beautiful coast of Barcelona, two of our essential locations where you can do everything and enjoy it as never before. Are you up for it?

Plaza Mayor, Madrid
Plaza Mayor, Madrid

Madrid’s “must sees”

It is not a myth or an urban legend, that in Madrid (except go to the beach, of course) you can enjoy everything. Everything such as what? Long days of shopping (for all tastes, ages and pockets), walks in parks full of history (such as el Retiro), the most unique cultural visits in the world (such as the Prado Museum, Royal Palace or El Escorial) and wonderful theatre entertainment such as the Lope de Vega that will make you feel the vibrancy of Broadway.

Besides being an essential city full of history from beginning to end, no lightning trip to Madrid is complete without a gastronomic tour of the most authentic bars in the city. The areas which stand out the most? The La Latina and Chamberí quarters.

Barcelona beach
Barcelona beach

Barcelona and its secrets

To enjoy relaxing sheltered from the coastal breeze, Barcelona is another of those winning options for lovers of getaway weekends. Barcelona is a destination that perfectly combines history, art and the avant-garde. There, stroll through the narrow streets of the Gothic Quarter, treat yourself to a bike tour by the Barceloneta, enjoy tapas in the Borne or sample flavors from around the world in the Boqueria market. These are just some of the trip highlights but there are many, many more.

The best choice? Go with the slow pace of the city and follow our body rhythms, whether by the endless strolls through the city center, a brunch for two in the sunshine or walking tours through the magic of Gaudí.

Hotels in Madrid and Barcelona

  • Catalonia Atena

Located within walking distance of the Sagrada Familia in Barcelona, Catalonia Atena hotel is perfect for those wanting to experience Barcelona from its historic center. This four star hotel has a spa and fitness center, two extras that will make your break a true experience.

  • Catalonia Las Ramblas

No trip to Barcelona can miss a stroll down Las Ramblas which is a must in Barcelona for both its beauty and its history. There, a few meters from Plaza Catalunya, Catalonia has its hotel Catalonia Las Ramblas. A central, full service hotel, located in a modernist building from the beginning of the twentieth century

  • Catalonia Las Cortes

Already in Madrid and with all the virtues of the brand that bears its name, one can find the Catalonia Las Cortes; a four-star hotel based in a beautiful eighteenth century palace. A central location with free internet and the best value for money.



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